11 March 2008

Transitions Part Deux

Sorry I've been a little silent of late. I'm feeling a bit disorientated as I adjust my psyche to finally accept the fact that I am moving (as in, permanently. as in, not a camp) to a brand new old neighbourhood.

Even though I mentioned in a previous post that I'm going through some transitions, things at home have really been at a standstill until about, oh, just last weekend. I was happily going about my activities, ignoring the fact that I have to move away from a home I loved living in for the past 20 years into a smaller place without as much space and privacy. Sure, I talk about moving, I tell people I'm moving, it's just that I'm not so convinced that time would move so quickly that the day when I actually have to pack and move will arrive. And now it's just a week away, making it rather hard to ignore.

I lie on my bed at night, staring at the ceiling and I prop my feet against the wall, a wall that went through phases with me. It used to be covered in a pink and gray wallpaper, which I peeled when I lie awake, bored, as a pre-pubescent and an adolescent. It was then covered in yellow paint during the Asian Financial Crisis because my mum had no work to do and decided to dedicate her energy towards revamping the apartment. So we tore off the cracked and peeling wallpaper and repainted the whole house. Not too long ago, we repainted the entire house again. There wasn't any real good reason for the latest round of painting, it's barely been a year and we will be moving. Sigh.

I had some friends come over last weekend for a farewell gathering of sorts, as my home has been a gathering spot for various church and cell group activities over the years. They left with bundles of clothes and various accessories as my mum and I plied them with our clothes that we won't be bringing over. The next great erm, purge, for lack of a better word, will be our crockery. I have cupboards filled with Tupperware, and since they pretty much last forever, we never really got rid of the old ones to make space for the new. There are tonnes of quality pots and pans that never saw the light of day, and these apparently have survived the move from Malaysia to here.

Besides the spaciousness of the rooms and the memories here, I will miss the convenience of being 15min away from work and church, the various food haunts I enjoy so much, and the process of being utterly spoilt by my dad who will drive me out for breakfast before driving me to work, since it's all so nearby. I will miss the park near my home, where if I wanted to, I could just pop by for a really long jog. What I won't miss so much is... maybe the fact that it takes 1 hour to get to town, as opposed to my new place.

Night view from the living room

Fare thee well, old friend. It's been good while it lasted.

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