26 January 2007

My New-Old House

Ever since last Sunday, my house has been in an utter state of disarray. My mum wanted to repaint the whole house, since the last time we did that was a good 6 years ago. Actually, the house looked fine to me, but she wanted to repaint it, and my brother and I get some say as to the colours we wanted, unlike 6 years ago, so it was fine with us =)

It started even before last Sunday, in fact. Sometime in Dec 2006, my ambitious mother wanted to repaint the ceilings of the toilets and the kitchens within 1 day, and wanted my brother and I to stick around the house during the last week of 2006 to help with repainting the entire house. Well, that didn't happen, because she got caught up with work and I got caught up with holidaying :P She spent that ENTIRE day painting the toilet and kitchen ceilings.. no mean feat, considering that we've got 3 toilets in the house, she's working ALL ALONE and it's the blooming ceiling we're talking about! Painting ceilings are notoriously difficult O_o She almost fell off the ladder at one point, and there was absolutely no one at home! Chided her for that!

So last Sunday, we finally got around to painting the rest of the house. Initially my mum was adament that she could do it by.her.self. but after a while, she realised that it was indeed a gargantum task and everybody needed to chip in so that we can get the house repainted before the end of 2007 ~_~b . . .

We painted the ceilings on Sunday (and therefore I had to take Monday morning off.. too tired lah..), bought the paint for the rest of the house on Monday, painted the bedrooms on Tuesday (Intuition and I took the afternoon off from work to paint my room! So nice of him!), painted the dining room and hall on Wednesday, and last night, we finally finally painted the stairwell and living room. And cleaned up the humongous mess at home. And fixed up the curtains. Phew!

So now, my house has gotten a face-lift and we all have got pretty new curtains and pretty new colours for our rooms =) My room is now a sweet purple, my brother's a cool blue, the dining room a cheery green and the living room a restful light brown. I like my pretty, new-old house! ^-^


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I second that, pix!!!

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yah yah yah, where are the pics? :O)

Kai, i change my livejournal to blogspot so here is this, pls update: http://www.galaxgal.blogspot.com

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i like the phrase "restful light brown".

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NPNT leh.....just joking- den