01 February 2007

My New-Old House Part Deux

Before I left for my little holiday, I thought I'd better make good on my promise to upload pictures of my new-old house. Here are the pictures I took one morning! I love natural light for photo-taking! I'm just showing the colours of the walls and some of the curtains because my family likes their privacy :P And also because *cough* messy lah *cough cough* :P

My purple, saccharine sweet room:

My brother's cool blue room:

My cheery dining room: I had some problems with the exposure for this shot because I was facing the window ~_~b. . . But if I DON'T face the window, I can't get enough natural light into the room for a decent shot!

My restful, light brown living room: I really like this colour, but I don't think you can really tell from the photo. *Bad photographer, baaad...!*

Even my balcony got a nice face lift =) It looks nicest in the day-time because the sunlight really lifts the champagne colour, but when we get home in the evening, it looks a tad too dark. But nonetheless, a great balcony colour =)


Ms Krong said...

Very pretty paint on the various walls! Lovely colours all! =D

bingren said...

Pweety! The colour of the wall in your room looks very sweet. I like the light brown in your living room.

Singing Tigger said...

wah... so nice. :)

so bugging you for pix has finally paid off... ^_^

esp love your room :)

- yellow - said...

ehhh my yellow lemony room rocks more than urs la!n somehow..the colour of ur room dun suit u.u ought to get like..RED or ORANGE..CRAZY colours..=D

Quirkz said...

Hello all! Yes the colours are very pretty! I enjoy walking into my room with the sweet colours greeting me =)

Hey yellow, did u know that my room was previously a light yellow colour? That was quite cheery too =) But i wanted a change lah.. n i'd go blind in a RED or ORANGE room >_< Heard about your pink n yellow room ;) Any pics??

sammi said...

hmm..the purple looks a little pinkish...i like it..heee LUV pink :)