13 March 2008

Much Ado About Packing

1. Clothes
After giving away a whole bundle of clothes that I won't be wearing anymore, I have more than replaced the said bundle with a whole new bunch I bought during a sale. Critical mass of wardrobe = constant. Critical mum = constant, too.

When I packed my clothes into boxes, I filled up 2 cartons and still have enough in my wardrobe to last a fortnight. Even with so many clothes, it is entirely possible for the female to stand in front of her wardrobe every morning and declare "I don't know what to wear!"

2. Kitchen Confidential
My kitchen holds a tonne of dirty little secrets. Such as that packet of forgotten mushroom and preserved vegetables under the overturned wicker basket at the top shelf in the seldom-used cupboard. And that kitchen timer that was never taken out of the packaging (it's probably a collector's item by now. it looks retro enough). And the set of very sharp, very good quality kitchen knives of German make that were bought during a Robinson's sale about 10 years ago. *examines yellowed packaging and price-tag* Not forgetting the secret stash of Tupperware that my mum hid in every nook and cranny in the kitchen.

After digging through all our shelves, I have concluded that we have enough crockery to last my family 2 generations and I'm not exaggerating. We've got steamers, crockpots, pressure cookers, graters, serving sets and even a funky nut-chopping device, all never used. Hardly surprising, given that my family eats out 90% of the time. Which brings me to this question: Why so many?

3. Mysterious Ways
It's so strange that despite giving away a stack of books and CDs, throwing away old notes and scrap paper, packing away 1 big box of books, my bookshelf still looks untouched. *scratches head* Something's not right somewhere. Are my books reproducing when I sleep at night?

5 more days. I have 5 more days left in this place.


Anonymous said...

May you have good moments of embracing your current home which you will soon leave. May your coming new home brings you as much good things or even more than your present.

Quirkz said...

Hi Toonhan =)

Thanks for ur well wishes. I pray for the same, too!

... and do you now have a blog? Send me the url leh ; ) hee!

Stephanie said...

Hi Kaili, can really share the same sentiments as you when I got married and moved out of the same neighbourhood. Even till today, I still love my old place. But I am glad you will be so much nearer to me haha and hope we can really meet up soon to catch up! Meanwhile, May God bless you richly and abundantly and the new neighbourhood be an amazing place for you to explore and do God's works!