02 January 2008


It started normally enough. Hair was getting messier than usual, which meant that it's time to get a haircut. I went to the same place where I got my punky red hair, as they give rather good haircuts (but rather dubious hair colour) and also because I am thick-headed and take multiple times to learn a rather simple lesson.

There are 4 hairstylists--A, B, C and D. The first time I went there to just get a hair-cut, A cut my hair and upon discovering who my brother is (my brother goes there regularly), he started smiling and grinning and telling me how "your brother has a great figure! your brother is sooo driven and motivated! your brother is sooo *gush gush gush*..." O_o *awkward silence on my part*

B was fine, just that he chose a hair colour for me that was exactly the shade that I wanted to avoid, therefore letting history repeat itself.

Now hairstylist C is new. I've not met him before and he came to me, asking...
C: What hairstyle you want?
Me: Do you have any suggestions?
C: Hmmmm... *examines my hair, runs fingers through the hay hair and analyses my face.*
C: I suggest that you get a trim, and try something new, like keep your fringe long on this side, where your parting is. *gestures to the right side of my face*
Me: Okay, sounds good.
C: Do you know why I suggested you keeping your fringe so long?
Me: Um, no. Why?
C: It is so that you can... cover... *gesticulates vaguely at the right side of my face*
Me: *speechless*
Me: ... um, my mole? Oh, I'm actually quite fine with it.
Me: *?!?!?!*

Yeah, I have a facial defect physical deformity beauty mark high up on my right cheek, a rather striking dot on my fair, flawless skin. I've never given a second thought to it, but he wanted to cover it?! What the ...?!

But because I have such high tolerance for awkward comments, I decided to let it pass and immersed myself in my Christmas present, American Gods, while he snipped away. Then while rinsing my hair, the hairstylist went on to say...
C: Now your hair is rather short, but in 1 months time, when you come back for a trim, it will be just nice. Your current hairstyle will suit someone SLIMMER, but for you, it will be better to keep it longer.
Me: *awkward silence*

I should really boycott that salon, I really should. Except that they are just below my flat, charge reasonable rates and deliver fairly decent hairstlyes (by my standards). Curses.


JMoh said...


If it makes you feel any better, I just had a bad experience getting my haircut as well. Tell you abt it when we next meet...but the gist of it was that I ended up getting an EMO cut with all the long fringe on one side covering the eye and the rest of the hair in a standing mess.

Without gel or some sense of order, it looks like a mushroom. ITs bad, real bad

Quirkz said...

oh gosh, seems like the hairdressers are all into the sloping-fringe thingey. must see ur new haircut :P time to arrange outing, k? ;)