27 October 2007

History Repeats Itself

Sometimes, we learn from our past and take steps to avoid the same things from happening to us.

Sometimes, we go through lessons and circumstances again. And again. And again, again, again.


Because we never learn from the experience in the first place. We don't analyse to see what went wrong in the first place and take steps to make sure it doesn't happen the same way. So when faced with the same set of circumstances, we take the same familiar steps and we get a sense of deja vu when events unfold in a chillingly similar manner.

Will I never learn?


CL said...

Shld show post a pic of that "event"!! heeheh :P

Quirkz said...

my dear CL, u get to see it every week ; PP u don't need a picture!!

CL said...

its for everyone's benefit, my dear!