29 December 2007

A True Story: E is for...

Once upon a time, there was a 21 year old guy who had everything going for him. He passed his driving test at the first attempt, and a snazzy photo for his driving license. Within a month of his getting his license, a relative was going out of town for a week and asked him if "would you mind terribly taking care of my car for me while I'm away?"

Of course, he said it's no trouble and happily kept vigil over the cute yellow Hyundai by driving bringing it wherever he went.

All was fine and well until one night, he ventured up the highway with his happy family in tow when suddenly, the car coughed and sputtered and stalled while still on the highway exit.

"Oh no!" he cried. "What am I to do now? There is no one else in the car who can help me!" Suddenly, he had a brain wave. "I know! I'll call my friend and ask him for help!" And so he did.

"Dear friend! I need your counsel, I need your help! My car died suddenly while going up the highway and I don't know what to do!"

"Eh dun panic dun panic. What happened? Any lights blinking?"

"I don't know what to do! The car just coughed and sputtered and stalled! All the lights on the dashboard are blinking and I have no idea why!"

"Eh... so everything was okay until you got up the highway ah? Your fuel tank okay or not?"

"Yes it's fine! The fuel tank is fine!"

"What does the metre say?"

"The needle is at 'E'! 'E' is for 'Enough', 'F' is for 'Finish', right?"

~The end~

Yes it's a true story. I really didn't make it up. This really happened to my friend this month, I kid you not. Somehow, I have the quirkiest collection of quirkie friends, eva.


Toon Han said...

Hehe. I know who this person is. This person shared his/her story to me too. This person now wants me to teach him/her on the checking of various parts of a car. My pleasure as this person is a very nice person. : )

Anonymous said...


I must link this story on my blog.


Quirkz said...

toonhan: i oredi specified the gendar of my fren (and ur fren) on my post leh :P but yesh, he is v nice =) dat's why i never put his name or pic :P haha!

fabian: permission granted, o blue one.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

....... I hate how even blogs aren't free from spammers nowadays.