03 January 2008

Humiliation Part Deux

So after my ego crashed and burned at The Hair Salon last weekend, I went home and tried on a new pair of pants that I bought just before the festive feasting. And lo, it was too tight. My festive feasting have turned into festive flabs. O woe is me.

Today, the first day of work after a festive break (side note: am I the only one who felt that today feels like a Monday? It sucks to have to go back to work immediately after a public holiday), I decided to not wear jeans for a change, seeing how I've been wearing jeans to work throughout November and December. After some deliberation, I settled on my gray pants that is usually quite loose. But now it's fitting!! There is BELLY SPILLAGE when I sit down! *screams in horror and terror!*

The good thing about having a fitness freak for a brother is that he's an in-house trainer. I whined to him "I need to exercise. You got anything to teach me?" and he rattled off a few in-house stuff I could do without going out and flashing my thunder thighs to society at large.

One was called the "plank" or "bridge", something like a push-up, except that you balance on your elbows and toes for one full minute. There is the sadistic variation called the "side plank", which is the same thing just on one side. I did the plank in his room while he nonchalently flipped the pages of the book he's reading and timed me while peppering the session with insults.
Me: *wobbling on my side, trying to do the side plank*
Me: Oh shucks this feels crappy!
He: *barely glancing up from his book* well it's really good for getting rid of love-handles, if you're interested to know. *flips a page*
Me: @#$@%

Me: *turns to the other side to do side plank*
Me: *tries even harder to balance* ARGH! I can't balance! Can I not do this?!
He: Later you one side big, one side small then you know.
Me: Dammit. *Wobbles harder trying to balance*

And so I usher in the new year with 2 blog posts on my humiliating experiences with hair and flab. Truth to tell, my new year started out pleasantly enough and I've got other things to share, but let me get this off my chest first before I start on the other posts. Have a blessed new year filled with God's goodness, yeah? =)

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