06 September 2009

I'm A Drawer!

Since young, very late nights have always appealed to me. There's something about the peacefulness of the inactivity deep into the night, being alone with your thoughts, a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, that makes me want to struggle to stay awake, despite heavy eyelids and a throbbing headache.

This year, I've had the pleasure of pursuing a long time interest in drawing through some informal drawing classes. Today, I discovered an interesting way to practice portraiture without being ridiculed or laughed at -- Red Dot Museum. On every first Saturday of the month, from 2-6pm, a group of illustrators and illustrator-wannabes (that'll be me) will gather and pay $6 to draw portraits of people who will simply walk-in and volunteer as models.

I went there with 3 pencils and simple drawing paper and was super intimidated by folks with thick stacks of paper, boxes of color pencils / crayons / paint brushes / inking pens. The whole area had a super arty farty atmosphere, while I was there gawking like an awkward, bespectacled teenager in tshirt and jeans. So not cool. But when the session started, I relaxed and just enjoyed the session. Also, when the session started, it became apparent that many people there couldn't draw well and were there simply to have a good time. That helped me to relax =P

It works like this:
Artists will register at 2pm and be seated, waiting for the volunteer models to come up front.
Models will simply be walk-ins who are interested to see how many different interpretations of their faces can there possibly be, and they will be rostered accordingly.
As for what happens to all the portraits that were drawn, anyone can buy it at simply $4. For those that were not sold, you can take it home. You bet I took home every last one of my pictures today, not a single one was sold. =P

The artist only has 15mins to draw the models. You can draw one, or two, or half, depending on how long you take. Then after 15min, models will change. If you're tired of drawing, you just sit it out until the next one comes along. Flexible and fun.

So, am happy about the fun experience today. On this note, I'd like to appeal to those of you reading this to pop by Red Dot Museum on the first Saturday of every month to support this starving artist. You can put in a request for liposuction / a nose job / bigger eyes etc, I'll be happy to oblige.


sparkleberry said...

sis, why not you pay me $6 and i pose for you and i pay you $4 for the art that you draw? sounds like a good deal to me actually.. =P

Anonymous said...

What can you draw in 15 mins? Hmm I know I can't draw much in 15 mins.

Quirkz said...

sparkleberry: nahhh :P

mr bing: draw both their faces... been hvg lotsa pract =P

cherry said...

wow..sounds interesting! I don't mind going! :D

Quirkz said...

hey cherry! u should go! i'm so upset, i won't be able to make it for 3 oct =( haizzz...

Ms Krong said...

hey kai, will u be there on the 1st sat of nov? if so, i'll pop by! :)