09 September 2009


This morning, I on my usual train ride to work and someone came and sat next to me. Which was fine, until I noticed some vigorous fingering around his nasal area from the corner of my eye. As I averted my gaze with wide-eyed horror, I realised there was no escape from it, because all around me were reflections of the very scene I wanted to avoid.

And suddenly, he started wiping his hand on his book and pants. All I can say is, thank God it's on the side of him that is away from me.

By this point my eyes were as large as saucers. Unable to contain my horror, I had to find an outlet or I will burst up in flames, I smsed The Husband, The Blur Friend, The Colleague and The Weird Librarian: "Sitting next to a guy digging his nose & wiping his snot on his book is the highlight of my train ride this morn. i hate my life."

The responses I got were as interesting as my sms itself. The Blur Friend and The Husband essentially said the same thing: "This is a worthy FML post." The Weird Librarian said: "Is that a library book!? What a horror!", followed by "Never hug a library book!", and The Colleague was apparently still asleep, cos 30min later the sms came: "Holly cow I just woke up!"

This sparked of a series of thoughts about how my life is like a magnet for all things quirky and off-beat. I get the strangest encounters with people and before I was taken off the market (i.e., married), I had the strangest admirers as well. I'm not sure what it says about me, but I do know that it makes for great conversation fodder. And when life gives you bizarre encounters, the best thing to do is to make stories out of them.

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The Cooking Ninja said...

Do like my sis did when she saw 1 guy digging his nose right in front of her. She took out a piece of tissue and wave in front of his face and said 'Pls use this. Next time, only clean your nose at home and not in public.'