01 September 2009

Dates with Daddy

My dad and I have this lil tradition that we started early this year or so. As our spouses typically don't enjoy western fine dining as much as we do, we date each other out to check out such places or simply when there is a craving, and we take turns to pay for the meal.

For the recent Father's Day, I brought him to a place I was dying to check out: Au Petite Salut, where he had the executive set lunch ($58++) and I had the usual set lunch ($30++).

His menu:
Starter -- Fois Gras. Exceedingly generous portions. I had a good chunk of it from his plate.
Main -- Duck Confit. Best I've tried, but considering I've tried like 3 in my lifetime, I may not be the best judge. Still, it's good stuff -- crispy round the edges, juicy and tasty.
Dessert -- Cheese platter. Not the best choice, considering how rich his other courses were, but they gave a great selection and generous portions.

My menu:
Starter -- Garlic butter escargot. Slather the garlic butter on toast and you'd be so happy.
Main -- Red wine braised beef cheeks
Dessert -- Profiteroles (choux pastry with vanilla ice cream, choc sauce and slivers of almonds.) Their profiteroles are TO DIE FOR. The best part of the meal, IMHO, was the profiteroles.

Details of the gluttony aside, what we really enjoyed was the father-daughter bonding that it allowed. As we were having a French meal, he told me of his travels to France (tales which he told me like a thousand times, but it's alright, it's good to cherish these moments while we still have them) and how his colleague / friend taught him how to save money in Paris by eating at where the students hang out, rather than where the tourists hang out. All these while shooting comments like "Cut the food with your elbows close by your side! So unlady-like!" at me. *roll eyes affectionately*

Just last week, we had another such outing. This time, we went for Italian food as he was hankering after a good pizza. After some consideration, we went to Riccioti by the Riverwalk where we had a salad, a sandwich and a pizza, all excellent.

As I think about my own relationship with my dad, it amazes me that it is what it is today, considering how 10 years ago, it was the polar opposite. I would never imagine in a million years that I would be having dinner alone with him, VOLUNTARILY. The only reason I can attribute this change to, is that I started going to church regularly at about the same time after having gone through my own personal crisis. I guess when change happens within, it's a matter of time before relationships around you start to change as well.

My dad's hair is graying and I can see his age reflected in the lines around the eyes as well as his sagging skin. I'm just thankful for the time we can spend together, enjoying one meal at a time. He's my best daddy in the world, and may your dad be your best daddy ever, too.

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Ms Krong said...

glad to know u have a wonderful r/s with your dad! u're a true daddy's gal! :)