06 April 2009

Barely 1month old...

Thoughts on married life (approx 1mth experience)

- Having a windy apartment is great... until you realise that what the wind really does is knock over small items and bring dust in. Then you realise why the previous tenants always close their windows.

- If I don't iron for 2 weeks, my clothes don't mysteriously reappear in my wardrobe by itself. The elves that used to do it for me apparently didn't follow me in this relocation exercise.

- If I don't iron for 2 weeks, Intuition won't have any clothes to wear to work ("QuirkieKai, I don't have anymore clothes to wear and I had to wear this ugly pants today cos I have nothing else that's ironed! PLEASE IRON at least 1 shirt and 1 pants today, please?"). And it's a pain ironing 10 shirts and 5 pants at a go.

- It's a pain to wake up earlier than Intuition to go to work, when all I want to do is sleep some more and the sight of him sleeping doesn't help.

- The upside to it is that he gets to fix my breakfast while I wash up. Woot!!

- The great thing about having your own house is that you get to invite friends over anytime you want, as long as the schedules can be coordinated.

- Having friends over is a great motivation for keeping the house clean and neat. In order for us to keep the house from degenerating into what our rooms used to look like, we need to invite friends over every fortnight.

Generally, it's been pretty fun and smooth sailing thus far. It's great when we can split and share housework (I do the laundry and he does pretty much everything else!); it's also surprising how 2 slobs can be finicky about cleanliness when it's now our own place! A big adjustment is calling each other's parents "Mum & Dad" and the word still trips over our tongues now and then. We both missed home terribly for the first 2 weeks, but now when we think "home", we're starting to think of our own pad instead =)


CChin said...

heehee... one tip on the clothes, wash twice a wk & iron immediately... less o a mountain & faster clearance!!! ;o)

Quirkz said...

arrghhh! u took my surname! i misses it!! =P

haha noted about the tip ; ) but then again.. you are one person who enjoys ironing!!!