31 March 2009

Junk Mailed.

My mum just called me asking me for my email address, so that she can send me junk emails delightful emails of doggies doing cutesie tricks and nifty cooking methods, or ominous warnings about microwaving your food.

I gave her my gmail account and then she complained "Why is it you never send me anything interesting like that? I take the effort to send you all these good stuff and all you do is ignore me! Not a single email from you!", conveniently ignoring the fact that 1. we meet for dinner at least once a week, 2. I call her every other day when we don't meet for dinner, 3. I stay within a 5min drive / 15min walk from her.

My name is QuirkieKai, and my mum is a spammer.


sparkleberry said...

Guess what sis? What's new? I am Sparkleberry and my mom's a spammer too! =P

Quirkz said...

oh really! ur mum spams u as well!

so funny!! hahaha...