22 May 2009

Musings on Married Life

Intuition and I have officially enjoyed 3 months of married life. That's Mar, Apr and May. I've gotten more used to the idea that I won't be going home to my parents and my brother, and he's gotten used to not having clothes back in his wardrobe on time.

Some fun observations...
You know that you really should do your laundry more often when your laundry-challenged husband starts looking for clothes in the "Clean Laundry Basket" instead of the wardrobe.

Your sleeping habits used to affect no one but yourself, but now, it affects your other half. Sleeping with aircon / without aircon? Blanket / no blanket? The fan is too strong / I can't feel it! And of course, the battle of boundaries... ("You encroached into MY sleeping space last night! I was left with this small strip of space! Mooove!")

You know that it's your own home when you have to clean your own toilet. Floor getting slippery? Can't wait for mum to scrub it, get down to it! Hair choking the drainage? Pick it up yourself, gross or not. Out of toilet paper? Tough luck babe, remember it the next time you go to NTUC.

When we split laundry chores, Intuition doesn't seem to agree with me that if I wash the clothes (ie throw it into the washing machine), it's only fair that he hangs it. Why is it not fair, I fail to see.

My shopping is now accountable to someone else other than myself, and we're both trying to cut down on our usual spending cos there are bills to pay (gasp! being financially responsible! the R word!) and groceries to be bought. The funny thing was I thought we will spend less after we're married as we can save on transport and eating outside (we cook about once a week), but the bills come in too faithfully every month and groceries, while cheaper than eating out, aren't all that cheap either.

Another observation... before getting married, thoughts like "will I be bored of his company within 2 weeks, as it's just me facing him facing me?" crossed our minds and we talked about it with respective friends. That never happened. We're far from being bored in each other's company--simple things like going to the hawker centre for dinner followed by aimless exploration of a new neighbourhood feels better cos it's done with your spouse. Cleaning up the house in clothes that can pass for rags doesn't make the other any less attractive. Married life is good, because it's shared with the right person =)

When you're happily married, have family and friends close by, have a nice roof over your head and have job security, life is so good, it's almost unfair. =)


Ms Krong said...

Someone's definitely enjoying the bliss of a new found married life! :)

May you guys live long and prosper! So have you caught Star Trek yet?

mer said...

Of course "washing" the clothes is way tougher! I get you! Hanging out nice-smelling laundry? He's already getting the better deal :)

Quirkz said...

ms krong: nope, we didnt catch star trek =) gonna catch it on our PC :P

mer: preach it, sista!!! :D