17 February 2009


1. I am looking forward to the wedding because:
a. I finally get to sleep.
b. My hair and nails won't matter anymore.
c. I need not obsess over pimples and wrinkles.
d. all of the above.

2. Weddings are:
a. So much work that we don't ever wanna get married again.
b. A good way to experiment on the minimum amount of sleep required to be functionable during the day.
c. A good way to remember your family members as you crack your head around the guest list.
d. Expensive.

Other snippets:
- It's hard to come up with the guest list when your mother remembers your relatives as "3rd Uncle", "Cousin's youngest son", "Ah Meng / Peng / Tin", "2nd Cousin's youngest daughter" etc. How do I come up with a namelist?
- Given our taste for rock / alternative music and general disdain for poppish love songs, choosing songs for our wedding was harder than we thought. Switchfoot, U2 and David Crowder Band do not flow for weddings. We seriously tried to imagine what will it be like to have the processional to "Sweetest Thing" but ... nah.
- I have better things to do at this point. Cheerios for now!

It's the final countdown!!!!

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