06 February 2009

25 Random Things About QuirkieKai

This is from my FaceBook, but I thought I'd post it here anyways.

Because I'm narcissistic and believe that everyone should know juz that much more about me. ; )


1. i've always liked the sound of an acoustic guitar =) annd the sight of a (geekish) guy playing it ;)

2. I like doodling, sketching and playing with water colour... and often am caught doodling in class.

3. i once drew my english tutor as an owl, and was passing it to my classmate when she caught me. she wasn't amused, obviously.

4. i am daddy's girl, but we had a stormy relationship during my younger days, resulting in many days when i resented his presence at home. things can't be more different now =)

5. i'd love to go deeper into photography, but i must first be able to afford a decent DSLR and the accompanying lenses.

6. my mole's quite the trademark... but a hairstylist once offered to let my fringe grow longer so that i can cover it. baka.

7. 80% of my handbags are my mum's hand-me-downs, but they still look new =) i am one gal who doesn't need to shop for bags!

8. love to shop for shoes! but haven't done so recently. wait til the great singapore sale comes around this year. i will shop with a vengeance!!

9. i blog to document the lighter side of life and keep the darker thoughts offline.

10. cooking is fun! i love cooking :D but have had disastrous experiences which embarrassed my family cos we had guests over. i curled up in a fetal position in a corner of the kitchen when i saw how the food turned out.

11. i love late, late nights and early mornings, but usually my late nights mean that i don't get to enjoy early mornings. not so hot about afternoons tho =P

12. i've not eaten uni before, and i intend to get that problem corrected this year.

13. my ambition at this point is to do an oil painting for my living room!! :D i've not done any form of oil painting before, but i'm sure i'll love it :D

14. i am totally not a dancer type... but surprise surprise, intuition is a very good dancer ;) undiscovered talent, he is. hyuk hyuk. (sisters, pls take note!)

15. i think social work is such meaningful work, and am sad that social work is so under-valued in singapore.

16. i take a perverse joy in shocking people out of a state of deep sleep. intuition beware!

17. my brother and i love to kill ants. we advocate pouring boiling hot water. simple and effective.

18. i hate worms i hate worms i hate worms i hate worms i hate worms.

19. i love blue skies, open spaces, bright flowers and a cool breeze. but no sea please. thanks.

20. i get strangely nervous when the wind is too strong... like i'll get a mild panic attack. thoughts of the wind uprooting hdb flats and trees don't do me any favours.

21. i have the best parents in the world =) and the best younger brother too, but don't tell him i said that.

22. i like both cats and dogs. yes, i'm bi-petsual.

23. i can be very pensive. sometimes i wonder how my life will be different if at certain key points in my life, i had chosen the other path.

24. at times like that i appreciate reminders that God has a plan for me, and He's good. Indeed, He's good.

25. it's 2 weeks and 2 days to the wedding on 22 feb 2009 (and bus 222 goes to my church), with 22 tables for the banquet and my wine costs $22 per bottle. i still can't imagine my waking and sleeping hours without my current family. i will miss them so.


Ms Krong said...

Hi Kai, thanks for sharing your list! I've written my list 2 days ago but I just took it down because my siblings felt uncomfortable about my raw honesty. My brother felt it should be in my diary, not on Facebook. My sister felt all I shared is disturbing and disconcerting to her and may be damaging to me. Hope you manage to get a glimpse of it the last 2 days. If not, I could email you a private copy! :P

By the way, I love your wedding invite and I'm so glad I'm invited!!! I'll definitely be there!!! :)

Quirkz said...

hey ms krong! i didnt manage to take a look at it. email it to me pls? wld love a better understanding of who u are =)

and i'm really glad that u'll be there on that day too!! =D