30 December 2008


He : My mother just made popiah. I'm quite full, but maybe I should take a bite. Should I go eat my mum's popiah?
Me : If you eat popiah, I'll eat the chocs that I received for Christmas.
He : Actually, I feel like going for a run.
Me : If you go for a run, I'll do some planks.
He : OkByeRunningNow.


*doot... doot... doot..*

And so I'm abstaining from desserts and snacking these few days because our wedding shoot is next Monday. I look painfully chubby in pictures nowadays. The thought of being immortalised in a photo album with chubby cheeks ( I mean on me, not referring to Intuition here...) is quite scary. Talk to you later, I've got a painful promise to keep.


sparkleberry said...

hey sis.. at least it's better than having to abstain from A LOT OF TYPES OF FOOD for 100 days due to chickenpox... be thankful! =P

mer said...

go go quirkie!

Quirkz said...

sparkleberry: how's the recovery so far? =)

mer: yeah yeah! :D

sparkleberry said...

according to my friend, i've came back from the Holy Land, more hol(e)y... hope we'll be able to recognise each other when we meet soon.. =P