23 December 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

Last evening marks the first day of my Christmas shopping, and I have only bought a grand total of 2 gifts. I am so dead.

Last evening also marks my first taste of the Christmas season. As weekends and weekday evenings have been burnt doing reno-shopping and coordinating, planning and shopping for my wedding, I have not done anything remotely related to Christmas. Except for work, and that totally brings on the Christmas cheer right? Like, my favourite season now is totally work-related and I'm buried in Christmas related WORK stuff. O Joy. But yesterday was different, cos I met up with close friends and we goofed around and embarrassed ourselves in front of wait staff. They gave me presents, we had dinner, shared silly incidents in our lives and just laughed at and with each other. The first taste of Christmas warmth! Ahhh... =)

Loneliness is something I've been more acquainted with recently as I adjust to new colleagues, a new neighbourhood and less time for friends. Church life has suffered as well, as I can't pop by in 15min like previously, and a trip there takes 1hour at least. I do miss so many things in my life that I've enjoyed just as recently as 9 months ago, but no point looking back always, there's the future to look forward to. And I'm looking forward to more time with friends, family and church come March 2009, cos the peak period at work and my wedding will be over by Feb 2009.

So what I'm trying to say here is that the first few taste of Christmas for me this year is the meeting up with friends with whom I've not had the opportunity to catch up with in recent months. The initiative by my wedding planner to meet up with friends who are helping up with our wedding, and them sharing in our joy and the good natured teasing and bantering. The outpouring of affection from close relatives who have demonstrated their love through beautiful and thoughtful gifts. The company and friendship I feel starved of in the past few months without being aware of it, a salve to my heart =)

Thanks, people, for being a part of my life =) You've been instrumental in me keeping my sanity and not falling into depression!

PS: If you really must know, I want:
- Robinsons vouchers, the more the merrier
- Anna Sui liquid eyeliner / waterproof mascara
- a leatherbound NIV / NLT bible that has a clasp
- i'm still shameless!!!


Jacinta said...

Hey! I have a new NIV bible, but no clasp, just zipped up (blue). It was meant for my Dad, but I found one that was in large print few days later and bought that instead...so it's God's will! Haha.

Would you like it? :)

sparkleberry said...

would isetan or takashimaya vouchers work instead?

Quirkz said...

hey jac!! haha so cute =) sure, i'd like that very much pls! Thanks!

sparkleberry: isetan would work nicely too ; ) thank you much!!