31 July 2008


Yes I am aware of how neglected my blog is. In the past few weeks, even months, I seem to have lost my momentum in blogging, and posts come in far and few in between.

I guess it's mostly due to the nature of this blog: I've kept it largely lighthearted and silent about the more serious topics in my life, and the past few months have been months where I've contemplated and acted upon bringing about some changes in my life. For example, Intuition proposed, so there is the whole business of looking for a new house to stay in. I have been considering a career switch, and so for weeks and months I've been looking for jobs (oh how I dislike that process!), going for interviews, updating the resume, so on and so forth.

This is truly a year of transitions. I was uprooted from my old home to a new one in a vastly different neighbourhood; I will be enjoying my last few months of singlehood; I have resigned from my old job and am now officially in between jobs as today's my last day; I am preparing for a new home; I am also preparing for a new phase in life. Wow. How do you blog about all these in-between stages without baring your soul to the world? And since this blog is simply not such a platform, I just keep the silence. It's not that I've not been hanging around the computer--I've been surfing the web as if my life depended on it--it's just that I don't know what to say here.

In the course of these changes, God has been good at every stage, and I've had people come alongside to give me the support needed to cushion the stress and iron out my thoughts. I am blessed =) Can I just say that my church is really a great church? Seriously.

Now that the dust has settled and though I'm still in flux, though not so much, I can begin my blogging again. Changes to the blog ahead? Perhaps; I'm getting rather bored of the look and feel, but we'll see how it goes. Maybe with so many other changes going on in my offline world, it might do me good to just keep my lil online corner the same.

Toodles for now =)

PS: 2 posts in a day! Woot!


Anonymous said...

Yes, your church is great! : ) May you always be loved in your church and you stay on to serve in love. Don't think about going to another church for reason like near your home even if a friend tells how good it can be. hehe. haha : )

Quirkz said...

GEE i wonder who is the friend who is encouraging me to check out the other churches in the neighbourhood :P

haha! ;)