03 August 2008

Honey, Go Where?

Planning for the wedding and house and the rest of our lives have been really quite fun so far. We have found a suitable unit for our home, yays to that, and have been busy looking for contractors and suppliers for the renovations. The bulk of our expenses really comes from the renovations, and yet this is one thing that is hard to skimp on. If we save and get el cheapo cabinets, will the decision turn around and bite us 3-5years down the road? How about air-con for the living area--to do or not to do? And the list goes on and on and on... We are honestly quite afraid of what the final bill will be. As it is, the guesstimates are breaking our combined bank accounts. Still, it has been an enjoyable process.

One of the funnest thing to do in the wedding prep is to plan and decide on a honeymoon destination. This is one trip where you don't have to think about saving on hotels and food, for it is THE reason to splurge. No budget hotels nor backpacking inns for this holiday, no sirree =) What we have to think about is what we want in the trip -- great view of nature for him, some shopping spots for me -- and find an exotic enough location to do it! So fun, right?

With these in mind, we have shortlisted 3 places based on weather (we want cool weather, but not too cold), scenery, the abundance of good food and how interesting that place is without being too busy and touristy. We will likely go as free and easy as possible. These are our 3 choices, can you leave a vote and comment on which you think is good and why? OR if you have another suggestion that fits our wants, please let me know too!
Intuition & QuirkieKai's Honeymoon Destinations:
- Australia --> Melbourne, Tasmania
- Japan --> Hokkaido
- Greece =)

Arigatou gozaimasu!!


Anonymous said...

Greece. Sounds adventurous to go there. : ) Have a great time! :)

Quirkz said...

ehhh this is different from the original vote u casted =) what made u change ur mind??

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well it was just that I gave more thoughts to the matter. Since it will be your honeymoon, should go somewhere that can make it really memorable. I thought Greece really stands out from Japan and Australia.