03 July 2008

Confusion and Consternation

Pregnant woman on public transport. I always feel very strongly that pregnant ladies should not need to stand up for more than 1 stop; people should automatically give up their seats for them. My friend had this experience on the train when she was into her third trimester: she was standing on the train and a lady who was getting off said loudly for all to hear "My gosh, can you please ask someone to give up his seat for you?". Shortly after, a guy (finally!) gave up his seat to her.

Another friend who recently gave birth said that she never had to stand for very long; her stern-faced big sized husband will glare at all the men sitting down until some poor guy stands up to give her a seat.

A Malaysian friend of mine shared this anecdote: in the crowded MRT one day, a very pregnant lady boarded the train. No one gave her a seat until much later, a man belatedly realises and stands up to offer her his seat. Then someone else rushed to grab the seat, and upon realising that it's for the pregnant lady, said "oops!" and continued hogging the seat. *facepalm*

With all these righteous indignation brewing in me, it is with much pride and gusto that I stood up and gave up my coveted seat to a lady with a bulging belly standing in front of me today. Her belly was protruding, so it didn't look like just a chubby belly. She had a certain glow to her face, one I associated with happy mothers to be. As I stood up, she looked at me with surprise and ... she hesitated to take the seat. In fact, we were both standing up looking at each other uncomfortably for about 5 seconds (an eternity, really) before she resignedly sat down.





cherry said...

Hands and both legs in the air -I have seen people not giving up their seats too!! It was so annoying! I felt like walking to those people and "knuckle" their heads.:(

Same goes to old people also. :(

mer said...

the build-up to the final bit is very funny. You have my sympathy! Wish I was there :P