24 June 2008

Of Weddings and Tough Love

So I've been busy trying to get the various things needed for the wedding. Who knew weddings are so much work... and so much money too, if I may add. Most of which are really unnecessary to me. Like, I don't see the point of spending over $3k for a dress that you're going to wear for half a day, and for having a grandiose wedding banquet at a 5 star hotel which quite frankly, benefits only the hotels rather than the couple and the guests. I don't like paying $100 for dinners where the food is mediocre and sit around in a table with people I hardly ever meet during the course of everyday life. I mean, to put it into perspective, I hardly even blow $100 to go out for a meal with Intuition or my family!

So we're having the banquet at a nice small restaurant, reputed to serve good food =) The ambience isn't that fantastic, but the menu's looking really good so far and I'm happy with the rate we're paying. There will definitely be a church wedding =) I have asked my dear blur friend Gara to be the bridesmaid, and she asked me a very interesting question over MSN this morning.

She : btw...do u think u are bridezilla material?
Me : i hope not!! !!
She : ok...i hope so too!
Me : wahahaha... what if i turn out to be the biggest bridezilla there ever will be?!???
She : yeah if i'm gonna be the bridesmaid i'm sared....
Me : will u still be my friend??
if i verbally abuse the world arnd me..
throw my 4inch heels at the caterer for giving me the wrong shade of ivory...
tear apart the flowers that have got a tiny speck of bruise in them...
She: we'd better remember it's 15 years of friendship!!!
15 years!!
Me : what if i do all these and more!!
She : i think u need a whacking by then'
Me : wahahahaha
She : i'll hum the jaws theme at u if i see u displaying bridezilla signs
Me : hahaha! u shd bring a dorsal fin along too!
wave it frantically at me if i start frothing at the mouth and telling the pastor off for using singlish when preaching :P
She : haha, i have a dolphin toy..
Me : okay, that'll do
though i can't be held responsible if i change my mind on that day and insist on a proper dorsal fin rather than a soft toy. :P
afterall, I AM a leetle bit anal.
She : u get whacked right on the head with that dolphin toy
Me : =( i dun like this violent bridesmaid very much.
She : heehee...u can still change ur mind...but i'll stil like to be brideziller whacker :P i practice tough love.
Me : tough. is most tough.
She : yes

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JJeff said...

So, QK, need any help that I can render?
I'm all for helping you out. Just as long as I don't need to wear a pink frilly dress or something..