06 June 2008

Of Carrots and Other Tales Part Deux

The evening started as a usual dinner date: we arranged to meet at 7pm, Central Mall. He was keen to check out Tompopo, a Japanese joint at Liang Court that just opened not too long ago.

I was early for once, reaching Central Mall by 6.50pm, but he was horribly late, arriving at 7.40pm. I had a good 40min to simmer and come to a slow boil at his tardiness... it was inexcusable because he was at an external meeting in the afternoon! The meeting was at Suntec City, which is near Central Mall. Seeing that I'm coming from my office in the east side of Singapore, there isn't any discernible reason for his extreme tardiness! And so, the date started on a lousy note with the iciness of a cold war.

"Sorry sorry, there wasn't any bus from Suntec City to Central!"


"I got carried away shopping for your ring in Suntec, which will eventually be a surprise! I had to take a taxi down here, there was a horrible traffic jam!"


We walked (in lopsided silence) from Central Mall to Liang Court where Tompopo is, and ordered a bowl of ramen and a platter of their fried goodies. Tompopo is a great place to get your katsu don fix. Their speciality is the black pig katsu don ("Our pigs are stress free!" proclaimed the menu) and it was mouth-wateringly good. Intuition's ramen was fantastic--savoury and rich soup, springy noodles, pork pieces so tender they disintegrate in your mouth. In a bid to show me his sincere apologies for being so late, he even shared his ramen with me, which of course, warmed my heart. I can't say no to good food :P By the end of the meal, everything was nice and rosy once more. Apparently, the way to my heart is through my stomach.

We shopped around after dinner before going back home. Despite being rather tired and having painful feet from the crushing of brand new shoes, Intuition insisted on sending me back.

We stepped into the lift and there was potpourri in the shape of a circle on the floor, so i remarked to him.. "Huccome people throw potpourri on the floor huh?" then he just smiled and kept quiet.

The lift doors opened at my lift landing... and behold! There was a neat trail of dried flowers and potpourri leading to my door! I turned to him and said...
Me: That's strange. I think my brother must be doing something for his girlfriend.
He just smiled and kept quiet.
Me: *looks into my house from the lift landing... no one was home at 11pm?? Suspicion rising*
Me: ... do you have anything to do with this?
He: ... weeeell... *shrugs*

I opened the door to my flat and the house was dark... save for a path leading to my room, lit up by tealights and framed with dried flowers.

"Ahhhh! Hahahahahahha... INTUITION! You bluff me! You said you were at an external meeting! YOU BLUFF ME! hahahahahaha..."
In my room:

(minus the diamond ring... you'll find out why soon enough)

When I walked into the room and was greeted by the lovely sight, Intuition immediately said "Ok this is the proposal... BUT I HAVEN'T GOTTEN YOU THE RING! Ok? I will definitely get it tomorrow, so don't worry, I WILL GET IT... but in the mean time I'm sorry I haven't had time to get it!"

And so he presented the flowers and the chocolates with some fanfare and flourishes, while I peppered him with inane questions like "Why on a weekday? Why not weekend? What's so special about today's date? Did you chase my family out, that's why now no one at home?" until he had to say "Keep quiet and let me talk!"

He sat me down on my bed, got down on his knees and asked me to open the froggie's mouth (see picture above.. froggie's got a big mouth to hide stuff in there), and I excitedly put my hand in to see what treasures are there to discover... only to find this wrapped in cellophane:
He: I didn't manage to get you a ring in time, BUT I got you a ONE CARROT RING! QuirkieKai, will you marry me?"
Me: What!! *ROFL!* No! How can you propose to me without a ring!
He: I promise I'll get you a nice one... but here's your one carrot ring! *puts in on my finger* See! It fits! Will you marry me?
Me: nonononono! *LOL!*
He: Ok close your eyes, I'll get your guitar and sing you a song!
Me: *obligingly closed my eyes*
He: Ok open your eyes!
Me: *Gawk at the rock*
Me: *falls backwards on my bed laughing*

And the rest is history :P We wrapped up the night sweeping potpourri from the lift and lift landing (so anti-climax, huh?), while my family tiptoed back into the house in the midst of the proposal and I learnt that the ring was sitting in Intuition's room for the past 2 weeks while he pretended to go shop for diamond rings with me.

I is touchedz and feel loved by Intuition's sincere efforts in orchestrating the moment and wouldn't have changed any part of it for anything =) Especially my one carrot ring.
My One Carrot Ring and Other Ring


Anonymous said...

You are a very blessed woman and Intuition is a very blessed man too. : ) God's blessing. : )

Jacinta said...

It's so heartwarming! Bless y'all~! :D

Quirkz said...

toonhan: thanks! i look forward to the day when ur "special blessing" comes ; )

jac: thanks thanks! haha... will gladly give bren advice n tips when ur turn comes ; )

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you (and Intuition) I'm now a gushy, mushy mess of a man. That was very warm-hearted post, and very warm-hearted proposal.

... Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find manly tissue.

Quirkz said...

gosh fabes, u're so emo :P hahaha

*passes fabes some "manly" tissue*

JJeff said...

Congratz, Quirk... We have got to meet up to chat.

Need help with the wedding?

And you and Intuition have to help me with tips on my future proposal, ok?

tfleong said...

Yes, I do remember you. Thanks for dropping a note.

Anonymous said...

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