05 June 2008

Of Carrots and Other Tales

Speechless for now--so many things to say, no time to say it, yet I must announce it somehow some way. Let the picture do the talking =) Suffice it to say that there will be major changes in Intuition's and my life up ahead! What a journey =)


Anonymous said...

Pwetty. Congrats ^^

Anonymous said...

I said it when I saw it on your finger, and I'll say it again here - that isn't so much a stone as it is a ROCK.


While I'm extremely against the cliche that the love of a man can be seen in the size of the ring he proposes with, I'll have to at least admit he chose a good ring.

And LOL at the "one carrot" pun.

Ho ho ho.

Anonymous said...

Congrat! Congrat! Congrat! : ) Toon Han

Quirkz said...

mr bing: thx thx =)

fabes: he definitely did his homework n research =) i'm also against that cliche, which is why initially i said "no need diamond solitaire!" but well, he really went all out to get a nice one for me =) that gesture is very touching. i is touchedz ^_^

toonhan: thanks! no clapping this time? ;P hahaha

mer said...

hey! CY alerted me to this blog entry!

Congrats, you! =) It's a very pretty ring !!! and...don't lose it in the sink or stg k.. we Chins have a tendency to do stuff like that!

Great news !

Quirkz said...

mer: U have juz read my mind on my current big fear! i get nervous leaving it out of my sight for anything more than 10sec!

u muz understand that i have previously lost a ring that intuition gave me b4 :P obviously he wasn't too happy!! so this one, i promised that i'll watch it like a hawk :P

cherry said...

I LOVE THE CARROT RING! Got carving somore!! I know I have said this but I want to say this again.....SO SWWEETTT and CONGRATS!

g. said...

Wow. U must thank Ms. Krong for being ur unofficial publicist, coz without her broadcastg on ur behalf, i wouldn't read abt ur proposal story on ur blog! CONGRATS, Kai! :)

Quirkz said...

cherry: Thaaanks! ^-^

G: thanks! err.. ms krong is my unofficial publicist?? oh no!! haha.. but well, good news must share lah ;) thx 4 popping by!