17 March 2008

Packing Woes

Mum, dad and I are trying to pack up the odd ends before the movers come at 8am tomorrow morning, and I'm not sure whether to burst from frustration or keel over with laughter.

Me: Daaad, where's the scissors and masking tape you were using just now?
He: *barely looking up from the contraption he's fiddling with* Over there.
Me: Over where?
He: *not looking up, not pointing anywhere, not making any useful gestures nor eye signals* Over there.
He: *looks at me ever so calmly* There lor.

And I have lost a carton of my most cherished clothes. All the dinner dresses, pretty tops, flouncy skirts and favourite t-shirts. Lost. How? Nobody really knows for sure. Probably forgot to take it in the midst of transportation and it's either on its way to the dump with other rubbish or there is a gleeful girl somewhere in the neighbourhood with a treasure trove of clothes. I am most unhappy.


sparkleberry the hopeful said...

Maybe that carton of your favourite stuff will show itself up when you start unpacking in your new home. All the best!

Quirkz said...

unpacked liao but no leh, didn't happen =( sadz.

Fabes said...

Uses the Big Bad Wolf voice - "All the better to go shopping again, my dear?"

(though here's hoping you find it of course)

Anonymous said...

hey, show me around once you have shifted OK, of course via photos


ps: didn't know you are moving. To where huh?

Quirkz said...

fabes: aye, and shopping i would go, if i weren't so broke this month :P purchase of my MACBOOK (FINALLY!) and matt's bday = month of heavy expenses. no $ to shop =(

Quirkz said...

denfi: heyzz =) i'm now in telok blangah, land of vivocity and CMPB :P haha... will post pix when i'm done unpacking and finally get around to recharging all my batts =) wanna visit? drop me a msg!