20 March 2008

Simple Pleasures in Life: New Toy =)

The upside to having a smaller apartment is that there is no space in the living room for a desktop (aka ugly workhorse), so the PC got relegated to my brother's room. As a result, I need to get me a laptop (cos room's smaller now u see). And after some deliberation.. *drumrolls* i got me a macbook!

Okay I'm really new to this whole mac world, so for all the long time mac users reading my blog (all two of you, yes), I need you to educate me to the art of mac. So please, find me on iChat and we'll talk about pretty white aesthetics okie?



Câmera Digital said...

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H. K. said...

Yo Kai Li

It's Hong Kwang, a old friend from the past century.... Saw the activities going on at BBTC and the Hanoi "mission" trip you went with Chui Li. Thought I start writing to you folks to say "Hi" and hopefully stay in touch after all these years of disappearance from S'pore!!

Though a techie, the world of blogging is still a stranger to me. Might start soon......

Not sure if emails addy will be deleted but mine personal addy is hkyeo@aol.com

GB (God Bless)!!

Anonymous said...

picture of ur hse , where is it?