16 March 2008

Much Ado About Packing Part Deux

This is possibly the last post from my East side apartment before The Great Move on Tuesday.

I saw, for the first time, the finished product that is My New House, as previously I was always finding excuses too busy to go see how it was shaping up with the renovation works beforehand. And I must say, it's gorgeous. Clean, contemporary, comfortable. Love it. Now I'm looking forward to staying there, but not so much travelling to and fro it to work.

My current house is... barely liveable. The only empty space in my room is the bed so that I have somewhere to sleep at night. Boxes, plastic bags, clothes, books, more books, and Tupperware (have I belaboured the point that I'm practically living in a Tupperware warehouse enough?) are strewn EVERYWHERE. Dust is everywhere and the vacuum cleaner never worked harder before (every few hours?!).

My contribution to packing today is eating ice-cream *munch munch* cos we're going to defrost the fridge later this evening. No point letting good food go to waste, is there? Oh the sacrifices I make...

In other news, canned salmon is the best way to mutilate the taste of that yummy fish, making it absolutely vile. That was my lunch, and another reason why I had to eat ice-cream after that... to get rid of the taste, you see. Heh heh.

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JMoh said...

And so begins Quirkie's journery to the West!

Welcome to the region of shopping malls and more mega shopping malls...and another bunch of supper kakis.

sadly there arent that many good places to makan around here compared to the east.