13 February 2008


He was a boyish looking, honest young man with a generous heart and a goofy grin.

She was a pretty girl with a warm smile and a helpful, friendly nature.

He didn't know how to write in Mandarin, and needed to apply for a visa for his mother so that he could bring her for a much needed holiday.

She was Chinese educated, spoke the language fluently and was working as a clerk in the Immigration Office.

He asked her for help, she helped. Their paths crossed but nothing happened and they went on their separate ways. All in a day's work.

She went down to The Capitol Building after work to check out the movie timings. She was supposed to meet a friend to watch the latest block-buster in town, but alas, it was sold out. She called her friend to explain the situation, her friend didn't want to watch any other movie, so it became a non-event. Shrugging it off, she left the ticketing area.

He was in town settling some errands. Afterall, he'd just quit his job in Singapore and was relocating back to Malaysia. He felt like catching a movie, maybe some of his friends will be free. The nearest public phone was... at The Capitol Building. He walked there briskly.

As fate would have it, none of his friends were free. Looks like he'll have to catch the movie alone. Walking to the ticketing area, he saw a familiar face and was greeted with the same friendly smile that made an impression on him earlier that day.

"Would you like to join me for a drink?"


And that was how the Malaysian boy met the Singaporean girl, fell in love, got married within 1 year. 1 year after that, I was born. 3 years after me, my brother was born.

As I grilled my parents about what made them do the whole long-distance relationship thing, here are some soundbytes from them:

"When I first met your dad he looked like a silly boy. *grin* But we talked like long time friends, like we've known each other for a long time. So like that lor."

"Your mum ah... who see also will like one. I was a good boy and wanted to bring my mother for a holiday... I ended up getting a wife. *grin* "

Lesson Du Jour:
Guys, take a risk and ask that sweet girl out for a drink.
Gals, take a risk and accept that date from the honest looking guy. (hmm maybe that's not really risky behaviour afterall ;) )

Happy Valentine's Day =)


Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing your parents' story. Time for me to go watch movie more often. haha. : )

Anonymous said...

If only love was as simple now as it was back then.

Anonymous said...

Nice story... rings a bell to me though the story I know may not have quite a nice ending..ya, agree, wish love is as simple.

Quirkz said...

TH: haha, more like time for u to invite more girls out for kopi ;)

fabian & rabbit: yah lor, things can get so complicated hor? Sighz... not all stories end with "happily ever after".

Anonymous said...