22 February 2008

"Chap Goh Meh"

21 Feb 2008 the 15th day of Chinese New Year, and at this time of posting, CNY 08 is officially over. Work and life can go on as per normal now.

In keeping with the Chinese tradition, we gathered at my grandmother's place for a veritable feast. Let your eyes feast on the spread; I promise you it tastes better than it looks here:

My grandma is the best cook, ever =) She's also got incredibly green fingers. I had a whale of a time photographing her potted plants. Alas, I don't do her plants justice. View the full photo set here.


Anonymous said...

WOW @@, the spread looks incredible. Wish I can cook like that. You learn well, k, then cook for all of us. =))

cherry said...

Nice pics!! :D