13 February 2008

In The Still Of The Night

It was 12 midnight.

*rustle rustle*

What was that sound?

*rustle rustle rustle*

Hmm, it's coming from outside the window, from downstairs.

Curious, my mum went to the window to take a look, and saw 2 middle aged men, 1 middle aged woman and a tree waving in the still of the night. What could possibly be going on?

The answer: Mango Theives.

Modus Operandi: Bring plastic bags, bamboo poles and wear long pants. 1 (the one wearing long pants, so as to prevent tell-tale scratches and insect bites) to climb up the tree and shake it vigorously (hence the rustling), 2 to run around and collect the mangoes strewn all over the place. And note the timing: 12 midnight on a Tuesday, when most folks are presumably fast asleep. These are experienced folks indeed =)

My mum and I stared as they continued robbing the state of the fruits of the land. The lady caught us staring and kept looking at us as she continued her scouting for fallen mangoes, but well, we just continued looking on in amusement and amazement.

I wish they would share the fruits of their labour. I love mangoes.

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