22 February 2008

Simple Pleasures in Life: Reprieve

My squeeky clean jogging shoes. I um, take good care of them.

It rained at 6.05pm today.

I was deliriously happy (although I really shouldn't admit to being happy, nor should I have skipped around the office as much as I did).

Because I've made an appointment with my colleagues to go de-fatting by jogging. And somehow I woke up with lots of aches around my shoulders and neck, so I really wasn't too keen on getting more aches on the lower half of my body. Now, I have the perfect excuse.

"It's raining!"

*does the lil rain dance*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well I share the same happiness with you of the rain though I had to brave the rain to buy dinner. :P Let's aim to go jogging next Friday again. : )