12 December 2007

Christmas Wishlist Part Deux

Dear "Friends" Who Read My Blog,

1. Battery: An Object Or An Objectional Behaviour?
Yes yes, you do indeed pay close attention to what I say and what I don't say. I should be so flattered! Offers of buying me ONE battery and dinner treats at coffee shops have been coming in fast and furious from The Select Group and my, don't I just feeeeeeel the luuuurve! Just be careful that I don't forget myself in my overwhelming um, joy, and take the word "battery" to be an action point.

2. Conversation with Intuition:
He: Eh I think you should take down your blog post on the wishlist.
Me: Why?
He: What if you get multiple copies of the same gift?
Me: No lah, unlikely.
He: Really leh. You should take it down. What if you get a few repeats?
Me: Why are you so concerned? Have you bought me anything from the list?
He: No, I'm just saying. Maybe it's a bad idea, like maybe you'll get a few copies of Niel Gaimond's books.
Me: Then I give you one of them lor?
He: That's not the point. Anyway, why you post up that list?
Me: So that my friends will know what to get me this time and not end up buying funny gifts for me.
He: Sigh. *looks a little uncomfortable* I don't like your list leh.
Me: *surprised!* But why?!
He: I already thought of what I want to get you for Christmas to show that "See!! I've been paying attention to what you like / need / want!" and now you show the list to everyone. Takes the surprise out of the gifts.
Me: Oh! So you bought something from the list oredi? What is it? "Stardust"?
He: ...
Me: You bought me Stardust already?
He: YES. I hope you get many copies of Stardust.
So please don't buy me Stardust ^_^ Thank you!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By the way, it's "Neil Gaiman".

Quirkz said...

my gosh.

you're as much of a spelling pharisee as i am.

welcome to the club.

Anonymous said...

I was part of the club for the past 10 years, woman!

Anonymous said...

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