08 December 2007

Christmas Wishlist :D

Dear Friends Who Read My Blog,

Thank you for being interested in what I want for my birthday and Christmas. Thank you also for being interested in making the distinction, that I get a birthday gift AND a christmas gift. You are truly the best.

Before I launch into a greed-fest of what I want, let me begin by telling you what I don't want. This is important because I am The Queen of Clutter, and I'm in the midst of de-cluttering my personal labyrinth, as I'll be moving soon.

Please don't buy me these, because I have enough to last me two life-times:
- Bags
- Make-up
- Perfume
- Books
- Earrings
- Wallets
- Coloured pens & notebooks (I like these, but having received loads of these the past 2 years means that I've still got a few to go through =)
- Figurines, photoframes, soft toys.

I lust after would really like a macbook and a Canon EOS 400D, but it's highly unlikely that these will appear under my christmas tree anytime soon. *wistful sigh*

- Intuos 3 ^^
- Inner-earphones
- Rechargeable AA batteries, as I've lost all of mine =( Please don't get Sanyo, those don't last. GP is fine, and at least 2300mh. :P
- U2 album: All That You Can't Leave Behind
- Scrabble set
- "Stardust" or "American Gods", by Neil Gaimond
- Sunglasses
- 2GB thumbdrive (mine died)
- Casio digital alarm clock
- those colourful t-shirts / tank-tops at Dorothy Perkins. Size 8, please =) No black though, that's just not my colour. Bright colours are fine ^^
- Shoes :D Bring me shopping for shoes! There is no such thing as too many shoes!
- Vouchers (Isetan, Robinsons, NTUC are all favourably looked upon.)

When in doubt, give me the gift of your time and good food =) Bring me out for a nice meal, and I'll be a happy girl =) Please do not bring me to the following Overpriced Yuckyfood Establishments otherwise it will severely test our friendship:
- Cafe Cartel. I won't even speak to you.
- Pasta Mania. Pure ebil.
- KFC / MacDonald's / Burger King / Pizza Hut.

And here is the list of QuirkieKai Approved Eating Places For Her Birthday Treat. If you dunno these places, nevermind, just choose one and I'll bring you :D
- Pregos
- The French Stall along Serangoon Road
- The Tuckshop
- Kuishin Bo
- Olive Tree
- Carl's Junior
- Werner's Oven
- Waraku
- Tomton
- Victor's Kitchen (cheap and good!)

Note: I realise that my wish-list is rather geeky! I is Geeky Gal 8)


Anonymous said...

how do we make sure tt u dun get multiple copies of the same thing?

sparkleberry said...

i suggest, if you are getting something on the list, say it by leaving a comment here so that others will know.

if you want to sabo quirkie, then use a lot of anonymous names and pretend that everyone is getting something for her. Then she'll end up getting neither christmas nor birthday present because everyone will think that someone is getting something for her.

if not, just be a super good and nice friend to quirkie so that in the event she gets multiple copies of the same thing, she'll give them to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll get her a battery :P