25 December 2006

Christmas Presents!

This year, I've received lots of lovely presents from my lovely friends. This year, I've also received some erm, interesting presents from my interesting friends. The winner of which must be this:

an electric toothbrush.

It was given to me by the guys in my cell group. When I first received the oddly shaped package, I didn't think too much about it until one of them asked me to guess. I felt it, and it seemed to be shaped like a toothbrush, so I asked incredulously, "Did you guys get me a toothbrush?" and he said "well, not quite..." and then i was like, "An electric toothbrush??" *cue in slack-jawed open eyed expression*

I was like, WHAT WHY HOW WHHYYYY??? Did I suffer from terrible breath? Are my teeth yellowing already? Are my gums receding? Do I show more plague than teeth when I smile? No, no, no and no, he said. It's because I like to eat, he said. So it was a toss-up between a cookbook, a blender and an electric toothbrush (so that I can brush my teeth after I eat). Sodesu ne.

Well, some thought certainly went into it, but still... I would have much prefered the cook book or the blender (and I was actually thinking of getting a blender so that I can do purees :D) but I guess I should be thankful. Afterall, it is a practical gift and it was thoughtfully picked out... It wasn't like they plucked it out randomly at Gardian Pharmacy and Tadaaa!

I was wondering how did they know I like to cook. Apparently they got the idea from this blog, which I didn't know that they read. Anyways, guys, this post is dedicated to you! Thanks for the Christmas prezzie, I will use it with much amusement and will remember your thoughtfulness each time I brush my teeth after I eat ; )


- yellow - said...

hahaha.well..may the toothbrush help ensure u have a NON-EVIL grin anymore!!!
be good.

*mega grins*

mer said...

hey, i would love to have a new electrical toothbrush! Kudos to ur frens for being creative! ahahah

Quirkz said...

dear yellow, my grins aren't hardly ever evil. but i suppose to you, all things seem evil cos you're SO EVIL! wakakaka...
and i'm a good gal *angelic freshly electrically-brushed toothy smile*

mer: sigh!! i would've loved jamie oliver's cookbook!! but yes yes, it's a nice gift nonetheless!!