13 November 2007

Simple Pleasures in Life: Speckies!

New spectacles! ^_^

I've been walking around without my glasses for a long time, as I erm, sat on my previous nondescript brown pair.

For the longest time, I've been squinting at my PC screen and at movies, as well as driving dangerously at night when I do get to use the family car. Why didn't I get it done earlier? Well, honestly I couldn't find a pair of frames that I liked that was within my budget. The cost of this new pair still busts my budget, but I like, can anot?

The shop owner actually gave us a good discount as my colleagues are working with his daughter =) In light of the good price he's giving us, I decided to go all the way and got transition lenses as well. I really like the colour and the shape of the frames. What I'm not so crazy about is how the diamente at the sides spell "LULU", and that my colleagues have taken to calling me by the name of my specs. ("Lulu! Wanna go for lunch?" "Hey where is Lulu? Is Lulu wearing purple today to match her specs??")

My latest cheap thrill is walking in the sun to see my lenses turn gray :D Purple and gray makes a very cool pair of specs, though I suspect it's rather daft to bake myself just to see it darken. Maybe it's just a phase I'm transiting through, hur hur hur :P


Ms Krong said...

So this your what your post abt your specs is all abt huh?! hur hur hur!

Quirkz said...

it's about my meanie colleagues!

they so mean!

luckily i've got LULU to cheer me up :P

Anonymous said...