11 November 2007


So I was talking with The Brother, and he mentioned F, a friend who is described as a "cool geek" by his colleagues, an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. And the conversation goes...

He: Oh, did I tell you that the girls in my church like geeks?
Me: Oh really? I also like geeks leh!
He: You like geeks right? You told me before that you like nerdy guys!
Me: YES. I'm doomed to a lifetime of unattractive offsprings. Help!
He: Do you know that they find F eligible? I was talking about F with the girls in my church this afternoon and they said if F were to ask them out for a meal, they'd go! And and if he were to date them, they'd say yes!
Me: Really? Seems like geeks are the 'in' thing now!
He: Yes sister, I'm 'out'. How? No wonder why I cannot find girlfriend!
Me: Yah man, your time is over. Snags are out, geeks are in!
He: Yah! I asked F how to become more geeky, he said it's easy, just spend the whole day at the computer, but I can't! When I stare at the PC screen, I feel the urge to do push-ups!
Me: *rolls eyes*
He: Or maybe I can tell them I spend my time on youtube! I youtube wrestling matches!
Me: *rolls eyes*
He: Do you know that Vince McMahon is my inspiration? *GRIN*
Me: Oh no. Oh no, no, no. Tell me you did not just say that. You DID NOT say that. No sibling of mine should have him as an inspiration!!
He: *crazed gleam in his eye* Yeah!
He: *starts quoting Vince McMahon, but by then my brain has turned to mush and I didn't register a word he said.*

My brother, the muscle man, geek-wannabe.


Anonymous said...

so himbo!

Anonymous said...

common sis, you got to give some credit to vince. tell ur viewers abt how he brought up his kids. there's more to meet the eyes than just he's bulging muscles and over-dramatise big bad boss personality.

after all, it was he's crappiness that you are all in laughter. it was all his lameness that allows us how to breakaway from the serious monotony of life.

admit it, you LOVE the action. you enjoy the volience and you take joy in inflicting pain to your sibling and bf.

tell ur viewers how u beat mat and i up!

Do some soul searching sis, there is a Vince Mcmahon in you...

As for me, I like him for his guts: his willingness to make a full of himself for the sake of entertainment. Not all billionnaire are willing to deflate their ego for such kind of bad image. Vince's the man!

ur "muscle/geek, himbo, bro"

Quirkz said...

anon: it's just the image he portrays ; PP

no! i don't even LIKE vince!! don't ruin my reputation here on my own blog! how dare you! only i can ruin yours!!

and there isn't any trace of vince mcmahon in me! THERE ISN'T, YA HEAR ME?? ARRGGGHHH! Don't make me beat u up! *flexes arms...*

"F" said...

I have waited so many, many years..

And now, at LAST.




cherry said...

AAHHAHAHA I likw geeks too. :D