16 November 2007

For The Love of All Things Good and Geeky

As previously revealed, I have a soft spot for geeks who can also play the guitar. From my blog name, you can also infer that I gravitate towards the offbeat and the non-mainstream stuff.

With these factors in mind, you can imagine my joy and glee when my brother showed me this MTV. It's got all the elements there! Four geeky guys in a really quirky music video production. Singing and dancing in perfect harmony. How can I resist? I'm in love.

And that's not the only music video they have out there. Check this out while you're at it. I've been hearing this song playing in departmental stores and it's all I could do not to swing my arms and march in rythm a la the MTV. Super wicked.

Seriously, how can you NOT love these MTV productions? They are 1. so entertaining! 2. squeeky clean! 3. absolutely original. 4. definitely economical =) Which is more than I can say for the million-dollar MTV productions out there in the market, whose sole purpose seems to be to lower the IQ of viewers worldwide to pave the way for some sinister hostile take-over of the world after millions have been pounded senseless by the brute stupidity on these videos.

*says she as she swings arms and marches in rythm on threadmill*

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