08 November 2007

I Ate The Super Burger

After lurking around at the esteemed foodblog ieatishootipost and drooling over the pictures he took of the Astons ieatsuperburger for the longest time, I finally found a makan kaki to go try out the burger and to check out Astons, as I've heard so much about it.

My first visit to Astons was my brother's graduation dinner celebration, where the family decided to spend the evening queueing for the steaks and to indulge in some good food. We arrived at 6.40pm, by which there was a long queue already, and so we waited in line for close to 40min. When it was our turn to order, many of the side dishes were sold out and the super burger wasn't available. I settled for the sirloin steak, my brother took the tenderloin and my mum took the ribeye. The steaks were tasty but a tad small. The side-dishes were disappointing though; I had like, 5 onion rings. The house salad and potato salad were just ho-humm and the fries were sold out. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed by the food, but I thought I'd give it a try again, seeing how we went there a bit late and most of the sides were sold out by the time we arrived.

So sometime this week, I went to Astons with DarkRed to check out the food there. Seeing how there usually is a horrendous queue, we decided to pop by earlier to avoid that. Going earlier also meant that there were still side-dishes and the superburger available ; )

We ordered a superburger each plus 2 sides--french fries and onion rings. The fries were yummy and the portions for that was generous. The onion rings... well, they were tasty, but I can count with both my hands the number of onion rings we were given.

As for the (HUMONGOUS!) burger, I had mixed feelings towards it. I liked how you can really taste the beef in the large patty. I liked the toasted sesame bun, the crispy fried oniony thingey in it, the generous chunk of tomato in it, and that they don't stinge on the bacon. I like how it's so huge that you can't decently fit the burger into your mouth without everything spilling out from the other side.

I didn't like how the patty was rather dry, and the burger wasn't very warm when we got to it. Granted that we took an inordinate amount of time photographing it, but still I had thought it would be a little warmer than that (room temperature). Generally, it was also rather dry, like not enough mayo / ketchup / BBQ sauce. Perhaps it's also my personal preferance at play, as I like juicy burgers.

Still, it was a pretty decent burger. After finishing the burger, we were so full that there was truly no space for dessert (and everyone knows that there is a separate compartment in the stomach for dessert, right?). We can't even finish the two onion rings that were staring back at us.

Will I go back to Astons? Probably only when there isn't such a queue for the food. It does taste not bad and is rather value for money, but not so much that I will spend 30min queueing and another 5-10 waiting for my food.

Will I go back specially for the burger? I doubt it, as there are several other places whose burgers I prefer. To each his own, I guess. Personally, I prefer the beef burgers at Carl's Junior, Werner's Oven and Burger Queen. For a perfect substitute for beef burgers, I'd say that the steak sandwich at The Tuckshop is pretty hard to beat; I'd eat that over the super burger any given day.

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