03 October 2007

"Meet My Girl"

A single, eligible bachelor on my MSN recently put this line behind his nick: "TB wants his gal--Rivela". My my, what a declaration coming from someone usually reserved about such topics. So I just had to ask...

Me: who is Rivela??
TB: oh, u really wanna know? here's her picture: http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/qqmomo/ok2.jpg
Me: ...
Me: ok she's really hot but still... I don't think she's your type.
TB: lol!
TB: btw, Friend C is asking about rivela oredi. i'm saying truthful things like, she's not from singapore etc. ROFL!!
Me: u're horrigible!!!
TB: but i'm not telling Friend C she's virtual :D Friend C asks if she's malay.
TB: she assumes we met on the internet, which is technically correct. she asks how do i know her; i say i know her from online gaming, which is correct.
Me: OMG! I have to blog about this. this is too funny.
TB: =D ha ha ha.
TB: she's asking when are we getting married. i said not yet. the game hasn't implemented weddings yet, but well ... u never know. anything is possible.
Me: ROFL! why dun u say "internet r/s seldom last v long..."
TB: isn't it fun to have friends like Friend C?

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