07 December 2006

Let's talk about something else.

An obligatory non-food picture of a quirkie family pet. Its quirks include furiously digging furiously on the floor for nothing in particular.

I've been going on and on about food for the last few posts, so much so that my friends are asking me if it's a food blog I'm starting, walking in the shadows of great food bloggers like Chubby Hubby and Kuidaore. Well... that wasn't my intention, but there certainly is a lot of inspiration from these blogs! Looking at their food creations make me weep with frustration, that many of the items they've described so succulently are food that I've not even tried! But i digress... *ahem*

I can talk about the funny people in my life! *beams!* Gara certainly thinks that I've got loads of strange friends, she being one of them. She thinks that it's cos birds of a feather flock together, but I think it's cos opposites attract, me being so normal and all.

Quirkie Habits of Friends that I've Observed
1. Friend A: likes to "countdown" after he has to shut his PC down forcibly and needs to turn it on again. I.e., he will hold the button down til the PC shuts down, then before starting it on again, he will quickly do a count down: "12345678910...10987654321", THEN he'll switch it on again.

2. Friend B: Friend B is beyond description... I don't even know where to begin. His strangeness is innate. Maybe I'll share his classic joke: "I like to dash around... dash here, dash there... so that people will say that I'm DASHING. *heeheehee!*" and that's just the tip of the ice-berg!

3. Friend C: Hahaha.. my precious Friend C is unforgettable. There's also no way she'll chance upon this :P Friend C likes to dress up to work, and on days she feels prettier, she'll say "Quirkie! Come and take photo for meeee!" so I'll snap away as she preens and poses in various locations in the office. After that, when she views the pictures on the computer, she'll exclaim "Aiyohh I look sooo fat here! See, it's all your fault! You take photo, make me look fat!" There is no justice in this world :P

My own quirkie habits? Why, surely I don't have any! I just like to eat good food and that totally excludes Cafe Cartel, Pasta Mania, Macdonald's, Delifrance, TCC, Sakura and other overpriced yuckyfood establishments (my other nick is Food Snob, as given by Dumbbell). Please, if you're my friend reading this, please don't ever, ever organize a gathering at such places!! I love to hunt out cheap and good eats. One day, when I've met my quota of non-food related posts, I'll post up a list of food places that Intuition and I have carefully researched on, devoting our time, money and effort to making sure that it is worthy of a place in our Little Blue Book of Food. ^-^

So there! A non-food (almost!) post!


Singing Tigger said...

i didn't know you have a dog?!?

and for a non-food blog, there are still many mentionings of food... haha... maybe it's just in you.

was thinking this morning, are we addicted to food? hmm...

Quirkz said...

oh it's my uncle's dog :D still considered a family pet, cos my uncle is family too ;D

WELL, we certainly will die if we don't eat anything!!! hahaha.. addiction is too mild a word ;)

Toon Han said...

I think I know who is friend A. I believe he's an intelligent and insightful person to do the counting. : )

Quirkz said...

LOL! indeed, indeed! ;)
ps: you could've used a fake name u know :P

Ms Krong said...

I think I know who friends B and C are... hmm... so 2/3 of the strange friends you listed you met @ EAST huh?!! haha! :P

bingren said...

Is friend C who I think she is?

Quirkz said...

yes friend C is also the one who routinely terrorises IT guys, so i think she's who you think she is ;) any idea who friend B is, hmm? ;)