30 September 2007

Spelling Bee and Me

Ever since I've returned from Hanoi (which was a good 2 weeks ago), people have been asking me "Hey, so you really got problem with Spelling Bee ah?" which struck me as a surprise until I reread some of my blog posts, where I was *a bit* mean to her.

Okay, where I was rather mean to her :P

So just let me clarify here that I really don't have anything against Spelling Bee. If anything, having her as my roomie provided for lots of entertainment at night when the gals have our own debriefing session (read: gossip). We would talk about our church friends and CGs, and she regaled me with tales about how the gallant boys in her CG would pedal her around when they went Pulau Ubin for cycling trips, as she doesn't know how to cycle. Stuff like that makes for good bedtime conversation.

There was one day when we met M in school, and he told us that later that day, we're having lunch at his home which is a 5min motorbike ride away from his school. Great, we said. How're we going there? M said,"Oh, I've got a motorbike and a bicycle. One of you will ride the motorbike with me while the other will have to cycle behind."

I looked at SB and SB looked at me. Then she started laughing without remorse. (!!!)

You know, now I remember why I was so mean to her in the blog posts. However, I'll admit this: Traffic in Hanoi really isn't anything like traffic in Sgp, but cycling to M's place was actually rather fun, despite my inital reservations. Don't tell her I said that.

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