29 October 2007


- Sukiyaki beef bowl @ Waraku. Savoury and oh so yummy!
- Pork katsu curry udon @ Waraku. Served piping hot and crispy. A dream to tuck into on a cold day.
- Matcha ice-cream @ Haato. Just sweet enough with enough Matcha flavour for a good kick.
- Steak sandwich @ The Tuckshop. Juicy, tender, very tasty. I am drooling thinking about it.
- Kaya toast @ Katong (Chin lee chin or something...??). What a delicious mess!
- Coffee flavoured donut @ Munchy Donuts. I'm a donut fiend, what can I say?
- Double-choc donut @ Donut Factory. I'm a donut fiend and a dark chocolate fiend. This is a donut with dark chocolate filling. Am I to resist?

This list of cravings came about because a couple of friends are discussing a meet up on 10 Nov for someone's bday (you know who you are!) and we're discussing possible places to eat. As I go through my mental list, the cravings hit me like a tonne of bricks and since I've not had my dinner, I am downright miserable right now. *whine*


JMoh said...

Me Bdae it coming too!

Quirkz said...

really? when's it?

soooo... is that an offer to give a treat??? ;)

JMoh said...


Generous I am not,
but gifts I will accept on the 7th nov.