24 October 2007

It Never Rain But Pours

We interrupt today's programme to bring you this:

Yesterday afternoon, there was a dearth of food in the office. My colleagues and I went around asking for food from one another, to no avail. No food means no food. We were reduced to munching on dry, tasteless crackers to appease our growling tummies.

Today, there is a surfeit of food. Some kind souls (bless them!) decided to buy us tea-break and delivered boxes of Don's chicken pie to our busy busy office. It's peak period, you see, and they wanted to give us poor souls something to brighten our day. What better way than to satisfy our physical hunger? :D

Just as we were revelling in the good news, another colleague brought in a tub of delicious chee cheong fun. It's not the usual sweet-sauce-chilli-sauce cheecheongfun, but the Vietnamese variety :D It's made with high-quality ikan bilis, chilli padi with a great big punch, fresh lettuce, Vietnamese ham and Vietnamese fish sauce. Soooo refreshingly gooood.

The office smells great now ^^ unfortunately, my new pretty blouse feels a bit too tight. Darn it, my tummy is not the bottomless pit people make it out to be, it's more like a balloon (blimp?) that expands with the contents. Lest I sound remotely ungrateful for the glorious oversupply of food, let me assure you, nay nay nay. I am most deliriously happy, except for that irritating constricting feeling around my waist. My clothes doth protest.

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