30 October 2007

Cheena Lesson 101

So I was talking to my colleague and she was showing me the menu for an event we're going to have...

She: Wah, you all will be having a feast on that day! See!
Me: Oooh, looks good... *looks through the menu*
She: Eh? That girl! Aiyah! She never do the changes! *takes menu back from me* See lah, only know how to 吹马。。。
Me: 。。。吹马??
Me: *brainfreeze moment*
Me: not 吹马 lah! It's 吹牛!!!


Yet another office true story:
There was this other person who wanted to learn how to say "愿神祝福你!"but somehow it came across as"愿神欺负你!".

So naturally, the congregation should respond as:"也欺负你!"


And with this post, I have justified the hundreds of hours and dollars I have spent on my Chinese tuition throughout the years. You never know when these lessons will come in handy.

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