08 September 2007

It's A Dog's Life

Right now, my house is a ruckus of noise, saliva and fur. Two dogs who can't get along are drooling, sniffing and shedding around my flat and I am absolutely enjoying every minute of it =)

My family's having a little gathering now that my dad's back in town, so the aunties and uncles are here, together with Benji the Mini Shnauzer and Junior, the Shetland Sheepdog. Junior is named as such because he's Marshall's "replacement" of sort. These two dogs are about the same size and have similar markings. Even their doleful expressions are so similar. However, their personalities are world's apart. Marshall is the smarter, more dignified, more sissified of the two. Junior is just an adorable rascal (he bit through my cousin's desktop's power cable and lamp) and honestly, a little IQ challenged ; ) As Jac puts it, he's like a dog with special needs :P

Benji is a bright spark of a mini shnauzer. He knows instinctively who he can afford to offend and who to obey. He knows how to steer clear from people who are angry with him and how to beg for food effectively. A greedy dog, this one is =) And he hates Junior's guts but Junior loves him. It's a love-hate relationship :D When the two are together, there is no lack of drool and entertainment as we watch their antics. Junior would nip at Benji's eyebrows, legs, butt, tail etc while Benji growls, barks and snaps at him. Frankly, these intimidation tactics look quite cute on a chubby mini shnauzer and Junior seems to enjoy being barked at. He's got really thick skin for a dog.

Right now, Benji is scampering up and down the stairs while Junior is chomping down on a squeeky toy, making incessant squeeky noises that brings such delight to his doggie soul =) We all hate the noise but only Junior can get away with it. He's like the youngest child in the family, the one whom everyone indulges and pampers. My uncle is notoriously strict and fierce when it comes to his dogs' upbringing, but when it comes to Junior, there is no limits to how much he can pamper and spoil the mutt. For instance, he bought a Honda Jazz, presumably to bring my grandmother to the beaches, but we all know that it's really to drive Junior around. Like I said, no limits.


Singing Tigger said...

hey! i am thinking of getting a honda jazz (or fit is the hybrid version) but not going to drive a dog around. that's so funny that he actually bought a car so he can drive jr around. that's just too much. LOL

Anonymous said...

if i look at junior and think of a friend of mine, is that a bad thing?

Quirkz said...

singing tigger: yeah and that's really not the end of it. if you knew how he disciplines his previous dogs, your jaw would really drop, seeing how different his treatment for this jr is!

br: what is it about jr that reminds u of ur fren? :P that he's pampered, cute, or that he's rather silly??? :P:P

Anonymous said...

general appearance ... u know the friend too. ops. i shan't say more.

Quirkz said...

BR, i think i know who u're referring to ;)