06 September 2007

The Sweetest Thing

While discussing family finances, I expressed concern over the rising costs of living and my parents' possibly shrinking retirement funds. Essentially, "Got enough to live comfortably on anot?"

Dad: *distractedly while fiddling with his laptop* Your mummy har... anyway, if she lives to 100, I will take care of her til then hor.
Mum: *distractedly and somewhat petulantly while playing Solitaire on the desktop* Your dad's sweet talking me again.

Dad's home =) My breakfasts will be taken care of for the next few weeks. Yay! No more nutella + peanut butter sandwiches + instant coffee for breakfasts for a while ;) Life is good.


Anonymous said...

So which is the sweetest thing -- your dad sweet talking your mum or you having breakfast while your dad's home? Hur hur.

Quirkz said...

both ; ) heehee.