14 September 2007

Hello Hanoi!

I've been meaning to post earlier than this, but somehow did not manage to find time until today. I am now in Hanoi and not in Singapore!

*Mega Grinzzz*

My friends and I touched down yesterday at 7.30pm VN time (8.30pm SGP time) and was escorted to our nice little hotel. I must recommend it, it's Prince II Hotel. The toilet is clean and everything works. There is no lingering smell of cigarette, nor does the room smell musty. It's within walking distance to a night market that will be opened this weekend *woot!* :D Night market, here I come!

We're going Halong Bay tomorrow ^_^ Please pray for me, as I'm prone to sea-sickness =( I would like to enjoy myself there and not spend the time looking green and about to puke =(


Anonymous said...

Prayed! Take good care, and have fun. :)

- Jac

Anonymous said...

oH! you're at Hanoi. Have a safe trip.

JMoh said...

*smirk* Holiday season!

I am in US of A now! San fransico and the golden gate bridge, alcatraz, Napa valley wines and.... silicon valley!

Quirkz said...

hi jac! thanks! Having lotsa fun here ^_^

BR: Thanks! It's been an interesting trip, to say the least.

Jmoh: Holiday! Hanoi has its own charms too! Dusty roads, flash floods, incessant traffic and lots of surprises at every turn :P