17 September 2007

Conversations in Halong Bay

TH: Ok! Let's play 2 truths and 1 lie. Basically you tell the group 3 things about yourself; 2 of which is the truth and one of them is a lie. The group will guess which is the lie.

Tourguide: Ok! Let me start. 1. I have 2 handphones. 2. I have a car. 3. I have 3 girlfriends.

Friend 1: I guess the girlfriend.
Friend 2: Hmmm.... the car.
Friend 3: Yah, I guess the car too.

Tourguide:It's easy and logical! I've got no car. How to have a car?

Me: *Boggle eyed* So you have 3 girlfriends?

Tourguide: Yes *beatific smile*

CL: Do they know about one another?

Tourguide: Yes they know. They say I am good man, so they don't mind, because I am good man.

Me: Oh.
TH: Oh.
CL: Oh.

Me: Well, don't you want to get married one day? Which one will you marry?? All three?

Tourguide: Maybe *smile*

TH: Hmmm. Is it legal in VN?

Tourguide: Hmmm... No, but you can do it. Maybe illegal. Yah.

We: I see. *thoughtful expression*


Anonymous said...

Cool! Maybe I should go Vietnam too:p

Quirkz said...

Anon: Yeah I wanna stay here too! Gals have 3 boyfriends too!!! :D