18 September 2007

My Interesting Room-mate

For privacy reasons, CL's name is changed to Spelling Bee (SB for short) for this blogpost.

The Night Before Hanoi:
SB: Are you gonna bring your sleepers and shoes to VN?
Me: *thinking to myself: What on earth..?? Sleeping bags? Sleepers? OH! She means SLIPPERS!*

SB: what other thinks are you bringing there?
Me: ...

At The PCs in The Hotel
SB: How do u spell grateful? Is it "g.r.e.a.t...."
Me: ROFL!!!!!!!!

At a Vietnamese Friend's Place
*SB writing down an address and TH looking over her shoulder*
TH: Urm... how do you spell "Michael"?
TH: ...
TH: Oh... I think it's wrong

In the Taxi
Someone: I think we should spend the morning doing this...
SB: I seems to think so too
Intuition: "seems to think so"?
SB: *whacks Intuition*

Last Night
SB: Someone has been making a lot of harsh decisions and shouldn't be so harsh.
Me: Harsh?
SB: Yah lor.
Me: ...
Me: I think you mean "rash"?

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Anonymous said...

The above story is fictitious!!!! She was hallucinating while walking around with orange juice on her pants!!!!! and muddy water on her BUTT!!! with exploding hair.

more comments coming.... JUST WAIT AND SEE!!!!