21 August 2007

Perfect Substitute #7: E-Blackboard

Those of you looking for restaurant grade food at cafe prices, look no further: E-Blackboard is the answer to our cheapie-foodie prayers. I would say that this is the perfect substitute to Overpriced Yuckyfood Establishments such as Cafe Cartel and perhaps Bakerzin. (Bakerzin's food is actually not half bad, but it's horrendously overpriced and they don't serve tap water, milking their customers for all they're worth. Makes me cheesed off.)

If you think this sounds rather like Botak Jones, I'd agree with you. The concept of E-Blackboard and Botak Jones is rather similar--good western food (and I don't mean the Singaporeanized coffee shop chicken chop with baked beans and fat fries type!) in the heartlands,affordably priced and zero ambience. To me, the main difference between the two is that Botak Jones delivers tasty comfort food for pigging out while E-Blackboard is good for finer food at daintier portions (but still filling) =) So each is good, just in a different way.

Check out this tempting dish =) The mashed potatoes were tasty and smooth while the grilled fish was still tender and juicy. At $8.90, it's worth every cent.

I tried their fish & chips which costs $6, which is the same price as Botak Jones' regular sized fish and chips. I much prefer Botak Jones' fish & chips as they use the Pacific Dory fish which has a cleaner taste, rather than Cream Dory which E-Blackboard uses. Cream dory has a fishy taste which I don't like. Furthermore, the fish and chips were not crispy when I had it, unlike Botak Jones (+1 for Botak Jones here!). Having said that, their fries and coleslaw were good--but those were the supporting roles, not the lead. A pity that the lead actor disappointed =(
Despite this little gripe, I'll definitely be going back to E-Blackboard. Perhaps this time, I'll try their spaghetti vongole and finish my meal with a slice of their cheese-cake =)


Anonymous said...

Try the western food at Tiong Bahru market. Delicious. *****/*****

CL said...

Where is this E-blackboard??

Quirkz said...

mr bing: ok! will keep that in mind, esp when i move house :D

cl: luckily for you, it's at Bedok South, in the coffee shop under Blk 18!! yayz! time to go indulge :D

cL said...

haha.. maybe that shld be our next meeting place! haha

Anonymous said...

haha.. bingren's suggestion to try the western food at Tiong Bahru market sounds yummy... think that'll be a great meeting place for whatever you guys are meeting for! haha

Stephanie said...

Hi Kai, time to introduce you a place to eat...sure even cheaper price than any western restaurant.

Go to mountbatten road, a place called ASTONS...

can you imagine eating western food for as low as $4.90.....

Interested? give me a buzz!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Kaili, Try this. cheap and good...we loved it!!!!!!!!!!


119 East Coast Road
Tel: 9147-4627
Open: Sundays, Tuesdays to Thursdays: 11.30am to 11pm, Fridays and Saturdays: 11.30pm to 2am, Closed on Mondays

A piece of wagyu steak can set you back $100 in a chic steakhouse, but at Astons, you can get it for $38.90.

The Western food eatery began life early last year as a hawker stall in a coffee shop a few doors away.

Mr Aston Soon, 34, an ex-Ponderosa chef, drew customers with good food at affordable prices. Fish and chips were going for only $4.90.

He closed the hawker stall and opened the 34-seat eatery in July this year. Prices have risen by 50 cents to $1 but the queues remain constant, so expect to wait 30 minutes on weekends.

Food reviewers like K.F. Seetoh have praised the most popular dish there - the prime New Zealand rib-eye extra cut, which is coated with a rich mushroom sauce. Together with two side dishes from a choice of salads, it costs $14.90.

Quirkz said...

Steph!! i've heard about Astons and I'm absolutely dying to try it, but unfortunately I've not had the chance to =( Otherwise i'd have blogged about it! *wails* Thanks for the recommendation! =D

Anonymous said...

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